Rules of the Shur (a.k.a the World) – as Dictated by Author (Warning: Spoilers!)

April 10, 2010

A godless world is the impetus for the story I tell in my “Pazuzu” trilogy.  The Creator left the world of the Shur desert because mankind became arrogant and sinned without repent.  This concept set my story’s ground rules.  I first needed to illustrate the wickedness of all my characters (That is everyone. Remember, God is gone).

Every chapter provides an example of a broken commandment in the Decalogue.  When I adequately demonstrated the concept, I moved on to the destruction of the Promised Land, Capital.  The events in Revelations provide the framework for the end of my story.

The rules –

10. I tell my story through the actions of human beings – the cosmic struggle impacts their wretched lives.

9. This is a savaged, war-torn world where the powers of the heathen drug trade match the strength of the military.

8. All the characters (humans, gods and demons) typically hold grandiose perspectives of themselves.

7. The gods and demons are ancient and evil, selfish and arrogant because of age.

6. Every character (humans, gods and demons) fail to communicate (unless the story dictates otherwise).

5. Every character (humans, gods and demons) fail their undertaking (again, unless the story dictates otherwise).

4. Lies, misconception and betrayal are commonplace.

3. If the actions of a character might break a commandment, that commandment is broken with abandon.

2. Only the UnChosen caste demonstrate humility.  The caste is subservient to the Chosen by order of false religious doctrine.

1. Every character (humans, gods and demons) are hedonistic as much as possible in a war-torn world.

Matthew Sawyer's Pazuzu Trilogy

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