Why Monsters, Anyway? (Spoilers)

October 19, 2010

The Pazuzu Trilogy gives focus to the cruel things characters do to each other and the horrible state of their lives. The first book in the trilogy, Pazuzu – Manifestation, illustrates the bleak world of the Shur. Regardless, alien monsters rain into the desert. And yet, the violence dealt by the transient monsters pales compared to the terrible actions of the characters.

Alien Monsters come to the Shur.

So far, the Pazuzu Trilogy paints human beings as much more fiendish than monsters. The second book in the trilogy, Pazuzu – Emergence, hints at an explanation for the seemingly imbalanced evil. The demon, Pazuzu, and alien god, Awarwan, become characters themselves and offer promises. Pazuzu says human beings may potentially spawn on other worlds – as monsters. Awarwan offers to make human beings into gods. The Pazuzu trilogy implies mankind, as gods, will bring its sadistic barbarism, making human beings evil gods and hedonistic monsters.

Awarwan Robed


The promise of divinity the alien gods make to mankind is explored in the book, Gaunt Rainbow. Pamela speaks to Pazuzu and attempts to communicate with another demon, Behemoth. Between the two infernal creatures, Pamela learns to shape worlds. A curse starts Rainbow on her way to becoming a goddess of the godless Shur.

Gaunt Rainbow by Matthew Sawyer


Pazuzu Trilogy by Matthew Sawyer

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