I Don’t Get It (Spoilers)

November 30, 2010

The first half of Pazuzu – Manifestation, the first book in Matthew Sawyer’s Pazuzu Trilogy, is dedicated to introducing the bleak world of the Shur desert. Pazuzu, a demon, is still just a voice in the head of characters who have yet to experience alien gods and monsters. Before the Pazuzu Trilogy begins, a false Benedict Ishkott witnesses an alien god in space and loses his mind. Pazuzu rescues Ben and guides him back to the Shur. Pazuzu tells Ben God has abandoned the world because of unrepentant sinners. Alien gods now eat the souls of the dead.

Pazuzu – Manifestation documents the broken commandments of the Decalogue. The chapter titles in the book offer clues as to which commandment is broken. A lot of details are left unresolved so that Pazuzu can later claim he guides the events in the story. Up to the point that Dil confesses he is possessed by Pazuzu, the story tracks the progress of principal characters – or how and why they are involved in the plot.

Below are layers that form the foundation of the story in the Pazuzu Trilogy. Can readers accept that Pazuzu has masterminded these situations? The alien gods say the demon lies.

  • A drug addicted middle-grade priest/officer of a theocracy, Captain Josiah Kanen, is in withdrawal from Ape, a methamphetamine.
  • A non-commissioned priest has been mysteriously killed at Saint Erasmus and now Kanen must appoint a replacement.
  • The original Benedict Ishkott, from Gomorrah, extorts Captain Kanen, claiming knowledge of the captain’s drug habit and his connection to Judah Bathierre, a local crime lord.
  • Captain Kanen facilitates entrance to Capital for the original Benedict Ishkott.
  • The Cortras brothers flee Gomorrah because they are in a car accident with the nephew of Judah Bathierre.
  • The sun-burned and exhausted false Benedict Ishkott stumbles out of the desert without memory.
  • The Cortras brothers find the original Benedict Ishkott, dying in the desert.
  • The Cortras brothers then encounter the false Benedict Ishkott, wandering through the desert with amnesia.
  • Margot Sebash arrives at Saint Erasmus to write a radio report about the murder of a priest at Saint Erasmus. An old friend, Mark Adut, had transfered the story to the struggling reporter.
  • The Cortras brothers concoct a plan to gain entrance to Capital and bring the false Benedict Ishkott to Saint Erasmus. The brothers give the false Benedict Ishkott the identification of the original, and now dead, Benedict Ishkott.
  • Judah Bathierre hires an assassin, Robber veritos, to kill the Cortras brothers.
  • While performing an unrelated “hit,” Robber sees monsters writhe near the shore of an ocean that borders Capital. Having never seen the sea, Robber dismisses the observation.
  • Captain Kanen hires Robber because Kanen wants Benedict Ishkott dead. The assassin then proceeds to Saint Erasmus.
  • Sarah Adut, Mark’s wife, finds the address to Saint Erasmus and travels to the church to confront the mistress of her philandering husband.
  • Now, all the players are introduced and the stage is set for the carnage wrought by both heathens and alien monsters. The Pazuzu Trilogy paints the destruction of Capital in the midst of a Celestial War, or possibly, alien gods and monsters intrude upon the heathen-driven Apocalypse of the Chosen’s Promised Land.

    Pazuzu Trilogy by Matthew Sawyer

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