Dual Personalities

December 2, 2010

I feel I must remind potential readers that there are currently two versions of the first half of my fantasy-horror Pazuzu Trilogy available. Both versions are self-published, so I’m free to experiment – especially because I’m a foolhardy, inexperienced and unknown author. Since the free, unedited version of Pazuzu – Manifestation has lured thousands of readers, I thought to explain the difference – and account for the blatant grammar mistakes and typos.

Pazuzu - Book One by Matthew SawyerPAZUZU – BOOK ONE is the second edition of the first half of my Pazuzu Trilogy. This book is published at LLUMINA PRESS. The first edition was self-published with LULU May 2009, but sorely needed a rewrite, so is no longer available. Pazuzu – Book One is written with a biblical, passive voice. Besides preserving the original voice of the story, Pazuzu – Book One is also professionally edited. At the publication date, in February 2010, the second half of the trilogy was still being carved from the series of four first edition books. The second edition version of the Pazuzu series was completely rewritten with an active voice and became the third edition Pazuzu Trilogy in May 2010. These are the books (Manifestation, Emergence, and Abeyance) hosted on distribution channels such as Smashwords and LULU. The third edition features expanded content (namely, because it is not edited), but glares a rift with tense and typos. I released the story in its poor state because I feel an urgency that people read my story – the whole story. I can only account for the internal pressure because I’m the only person stomping feet and declaring my Pazuzu Trilogy is damned good! If I don’t bang the drums now, the story would fall into an abyss if I die tomorrow – seriously, that almost happened in 2007.

Matthew Sawyer's Pazuzu Trilogy

I’m working on a fourth edition – which primarily consists of editing my own work. I’ve found I become rather narcissistic about my story and I have to set it aside for months before I gain objectivity and spot the errors. I want this version to be the best and invite help – sorry, I’m unemployed (and have never collected unemployment, thank you*), so I can only accept volunteers. In compensation, I can give credit in the actual copies of the books, listing names and even provide reciprocal links to web pages.

Contact me at pazuzubyms@gmail.com

Matthew Sawyer

*I’m not making judgment and do not wish to be judged. Just, watch your preconceived notions about who I am because you don’t know me, yet. Read my Pazuzu Trilogy and you’ll get better ideas.

Pazuzu Trilogy by Matthew Sawyer

Purchase Pazuzu Trilogy Pocket books and Hardcovers at LULU.


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