Genesis and Sin

March 20, 2011

Prior to my Pazuzu Trilogy, after college and once I moved to California, I began exploring Judea-Christian mythology with my paintings and drawings. I took especial interest in the origin of sin, its passage through generations and the consequence of evil greed brings. For the longest time, I was focused exclusively on building the monstrous population of my mythology. That finally broke in 1995 when I had time, resources and interest for doing Art. Those years in Burbank and North Hollywood, California embraced the years my themes coalesced. Today, I feel more compelled to write my stories, but I can never say I won’t return to drawing and painting – I have had a meek urge to try sculpture for years.

I have images of the artwork I created and have now crafted videos for an audience I hope are interested in my stories. I began painting my stories, but my nomadic, Spartan lifestyle necessitated I lose them. Most of the paintings and drawings are lost, physically abandoned or given away. I have photos and have digitally-manipulated them so that they make good-looking prints. I invite viewers to see my prints at Deviantart – and maybe by a postcard.

Sin – Forgiveness – Harrowing of Hell

The paintings in these slides explore the temptations of Adam and Eve. Satan appears and the fell beast consorts with Lilith – Adam’s first wife. Satan has the goat-like aspects of the Greek Pan. Jesus appears to Doubting Thomas, presents tricks and the church is erected. The resurrected messiah then harrows Hell.

Passage of Sin

In these slides and paintings, I intimate sin as passed through wealth and Judas Iscariot immediately passes along his load upon his suicide.

Consequence of an Immoral Life

The paintings in this video implicate a worldwide apocalypse is the consequence of a sinful, immoral life. Today, in real life, the End of humankind is predicted and believed as real as my surreal images.

Pazuzu Trilogy by Matthew Sawyer

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  1. Also added to my sinful video painting collection, postpartum this post, Artists of the Apocalypse

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