Graveyard at Gomorrah

April 21, 2011

A unique find comes from the Shur desert – a rare color photograph, salvaged from the ruins of Capital. Manufacture of color film ceased after the Chosen’s military switched exclusively to black-and-white photography. In this reconstructed image, the photographer visually documents the graveyard outside Gomorrah. After heathens, bloodthirsty nomads, sacked and pillaged the walled city, Capital, nobody felt safe lingering in the desert.
Cemetary at Gomorrah
The residents of Gomorrah adopted heathen-condoned funeral-rites and now leave their dead in the open of the desert, and quickly scramble back to the illusion of safety within the city’s limits. Unfortunately, they had been ingrained by the deposed Chosen and were commanded to bury the dead in a designated graveyard. That place in the Shur is where mounds of dead feed crows and the terrestrial vermin of the desert. Everyone who has ever heard of the ghastly banquet, eaten by blessed soul-carriers, also assumes the horrid place is haunted.

Pamela from Matthew Sawyer's Gaunt Rainbow

Pamela pays a visit to the graveyard outside Gomorrah in Gaunt Rainbow. She believes the messiah resurrected her after she died, soon after the boy healed her eyesight when she was a little girl, just before the destruction of the Chosen’s Promised Land. Her curse began once she returned to life. Weary of remorse, Pamela searches the Shur desert for the errant messiah and hopes he’ll remove the curse he may have accidentally bestowed. Her journey brings her across this wretched cemetery.

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