Pazuzu Trilogy Word Clouds (Seventh Revision)

May 31, 2011

I thought I would look at the word clouds for the SEVENTH Revision of my Pazuzu Trilogy. Having weighted and rearranged the words, in accordance with frequency and relationship, I am quite happy I’ve reduced the excessive recurrence of pronouns and prepositions.

– Matt

Pazuzu Trilogy Word Clouds Word clouds are graphical statistics, illustrating the frequency of words used in a text. Wordle is a nice toy that will let anyone play and experiment. Upon discovery of the tool, I became curious about how the books in my Pazuzu Trilogy “look.” Click on the thumbnails and see the full image generated from each book. Pazuzu – Manifestation Word Cloud Pazuzu – Emergence Word Cloud Pazuzu – Abeyance Word Cloud Pazuzu Trilogy Word Cloud Purchase Pa … Read More

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Matthew Sawyer's Pazuzu Trilogy

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