Ode to Ed Gein

August 25, 2011

*** Spot the instance of the double entendre in the obviously crass, double-meaning rhyme. I shot for a quadro entendre! (Granted, you’ll need to know something about necro-maniac Ed Gein) ***

Ed Gein
Wearing Blue Jeans
Walked with a head between his knees.

He said
It’s like a horse
His whiskers made his wild smile coarse.

He drooled
Moaned with pleasure
Striding with his severed treasure.

But then
In the moonlight
The head awoke and took a bite.

Ed screamed
Lost his testes
Chewed up, spit out and all messy.

Oh my,
Ed cried and bled
I’ve got a lady-part instead.

And pasted flat,
Ed glued her on a paper mat.

Hurt, but
Not in despair,
Ed was happy he had a spare.

– Matthew Sawyer
(author of the
Pazuzu Trilogy)
* Yeah, I threw in a little mythology from The Walking Dead.


  1. Reblogged this on My Isylumn and commented:

    I almost forgot about this dark poem. Happy Halloween!

  2. […] my poem about serial killer Ed Gein, I didn’t want to forget the other monsters. Here is a little ditty about Jeffrey Dahmer, yet […]

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