My Latest Creepy Story – The Betulha Dohrman Legacy

November 15, 2011

I’ve just finished my latest horror novel, “The Betulha Dohrman Legacy.” I’m cobbling a full synopsis and looking for a publisher, but I’m anxious this tale soon appeals to a broad range of book-buying readers. My character, Janet Drays, grew up in Wister Town Wisconsin. She is overly familiar with the plague of chimeras that invaded her hometown when the Witch’s house, from my previous novel called “Debbie’s Hellmouth,” walked away. The supernatural house is the only connection the stories share and is, itself, an attribute of a whole otherworldly mythology (my Mortui Philosophies).

(more below my working book cover)

The Betulha Dohrman Legacy by Matthew Sawyer

The evening The Betulha Dohrman Legacy begins, Janet Drays re-experiences drama with friends that she has avoided all summer. Janet is an avowed man-hater who talks only about monsters – physically real and gross monsters. She lives alone in a one bedroom apartment working a Customer Support hotline for the city of Elkhorn Wisconsin. Janet grew up in nearby Wister Town Wisconsin and is overly familiar with the plague of chimeras that invaded her hometown when the Witch’s house, from my story “Debbie’s Hellmouth,” walked away.

Truthfully, Janet had stopped hanging-out with her friends because they harassed her whenever she opened her mouth – and they are obviously alcoholics. After avoiding them and sitting at home all summer, she becomes frustrated researching her genealogy. Janet first speaks with her mother, whom she lovingly visits every weekend, then joins her malcontent girlfriends for a spoiled night-out in the suburb of Delavan, Wisconsin.

After experiencing again a typical night of drama and trouble with her friends, Janet pursues a direction one of her friends, Tracy, had pointed toward while they drank and talked. Janet joins an online genealogy website Tracy had recommended. That visit to the website leads to an email from a Customer Service Representative – Bob.

Bob claims he has information pertaining to Janet’s family history. He reveals they are related and they are living descendants of the woman who owned the Witch’s House. When Bob meets Janet, diabolic plots in hidden agendas begin. He wants to claim the property, but needs someone who will help him gain possession. Janet refuses Bob outright, so he preys on her friends.

I hope readers enjoy the story soon!

Matthew Sawyer


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