A Codex of Malevolence

January 8, 2012

A Codex of Malevolence is a short story collection that tracks the spread of weird and unholy evil from Wister Town, Wisconsin. Witches and pagan religions become entwined in these creepy tales of gore. Witness the horror invade Wisconsin, incorporate in Texas and gain entrance into California This short story compilation was originally titled Cancerous Exodus. Because I’d never been happy with the title, so few people have looked at the stories therein and I am simply able because I self-published this compendium, I changed the title when I updated the cover image.

A Codex of Malevolence

I wasted no time assembling a new slideshow presenting the old book and its refreshed cover and new title. After watching the slideshow, visit A Codex of Malevolence webpage – here. This one isn’t free, but it is cheap. Encourage my bad habits and buy the book at Smashwords or LULU.

A Codex of Malevolence

A Codex of Malevolence printed copies and ebooks are available at LULU and Smashwords.


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