Guided Tour Into Hell Stoked Again

April 17, 2012

I was updating the artwork inspired by my Pazuzu Trilogy at my Deviantart print shop when I decided I would create a folder specifically for my Gaunt Rainbow images. Readers and people who appreciate my heavy and surreal Gothic art can see the dedicated Gaunt Rainbow gallery here.

My Pazuzu Trilogy print shop is here – and it’s not so dedicated.

I created a new image taken from my Pazuzu Trilogy. To be precise, Emergence, the second book in my Pazuzu Trilogy. The new image captures the alien wasps – flying awls – inside the Wall containing the Chosen’s Promised Land. A friend of mine suggested the image would look cool.

Sky Over Wall with Wasps

The Eight-legged Flies have also been re-introduced. Readers are familiar with these alien pests from the first book in the trilogy – Manifestation. All I did was change the ground the monster rests upon and increased the bug’s contrast.

Eight-legged Spider Flies from Matthew Sawyer's Pazuzu Trilogy

Pamela is back and in her own dedicated gallery – and even darker than her first appearance in Gaunt Rainbow.

Pamela from Matthew Sawyer's Gaunt Rainbow

And, so is the rainbow and the title of the fantasy-horror story itself…

Matthew Sawyer's Gaunt Rainbow 3rd Revision

Most accomplished is the remastered image of Behemoth – a demon Pamela encounters in Gaunt Rainbow.

Behemoth from Matthew Sawyer's Gaunt Rainbow

– Enjoy

Best Gaunt Rainbow Animated Gif

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