The Wings of Pazuzu

April 21, 2012

I’ve admitted my Pazuzu Trilogy began in parts. Originally in 2009, I had the two 120K-word books. That is, each book was approximately 120,000 words. Those books were simply called Book One

Pazuzu ManifestationBook Two

Pazuzu Emergence

Now, the silhouettes presented on this blog post are actually new and were not the covers of both books. For the sake of this narrative, the pieces of artwork here help visually mark my progress through my books. That’s why you readers are seeing them. Prints of these images are available in the Pazuzu Expressions folder in my online gallery are Deviantart – here

Once I had self-published Pazuzu Book One, I rapidly grew discontent with the whole work – lack of readers and productive feedback helped encourage that mood. Addressing that angst and the fact I still hadn’t found a job, I split my story into, first, a series of four 60K-word books then condensed and later expanded them into a trilogy. Each book now contains approximately 90K words. As of this blog post, the books are at their Eighth Revision – as marked on the first pages of each book.

Pazuzu Abeyance

In the ancient year of 2009, the last book in the Pazuzu series was called Great Commission.

Pazuzu Great Commission

Hey, I can see that last image bares a passing resemblance to a marijuana leaf. For the novice, the gross difference is a marijuana leaf has five “blades” opposed the eight wings in the artwork that my demon sprouts. The passing resemblance may hinder my marketing effort or help the artwork blend-in at the marijuana dispensaries where I left free bookmarks with the Pazuzu Trilogy home page. There is one place in Los Angeles where I have books available in the waiting area for sample reading. Marijuana dispensaries?

I’ve got a simple idea – one of myriads that ultimately compromise the complexity of my thoughts – JRR Tolkien exploded once hippies discovered his fantasies. I’d like to recreate that experience. I’ll make you medicated readers a deal – ignore that post where I promised I’d sell my vote to Republicans if they make me rich and famous, I don’t think I’m any more floppity than Mitt or his role model John Kerry.

In case you’re now distracted, I was writing to you medicated readers. My deal is a Woodstock-like experience around my Pazuzu Trilogy. Actually, more of a Jack Kerouac in Big Sur kinda deal. I’d love to have a Magic Bus and blast Dubstep through the forest. First, I need you to read my story, talk about it and make me infamous. Spread rumors if you have to.

Matthew Sawyer's Pazuzu Trilogy

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  1. […] Pazuzu Trilogy book covers have been updated since I recently posted a blog entry entitled “Wings of Pazuzu.” That post is here. The images in the post capture Pazuzu in two-dimensional silhouettes. […]

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