The End of Capital

April 24, 2012

ounds Socialist, doesn’t it? Relax, you U.S. radical patriots. I’m talking about a city in my trilogy of fantasy-horror books. It’s a walled city where the Chosen people and their military hide from heathen terrorists. Most other Science Fiction stories will call an equivalent city the generic name Capitol. Not me, I’ve got to be complex. Forgive me, I’m desperate for attention. I’ll pander to medical marijuana users, torrent pirates and sell my vote to extremist GOP candidates if they promote my stories.

Morning Inside Capital

Capital is the latest bastion the Chosen have built against the ravages of the nomadic terrorists. UnChosen people live with the Chosen here and in other places across the Shur desert. That’s the world in my Pazuzu Trilogy – there is no Earth or Gaia or Terra 3, there is just the waste of the literally Godless Shur. The Godless part is important because that’s a point in the story.

Noon Inside Capital

In Manifestation, the beginning of the trilogy, Benedict Ishkott and the Cortras brothers come to Capital. A demon named Pazuzu follows them all invisibly and unknown over Benedict’s shoulder. Pazuzu gets into Dil Cortras but the first book in the trilogy spans multiple locations where the demon has had influence. Toward the end of the story and in Abeyance, heathens have infiltrated the city and fires begin burning everywhere.

Evening Inside Capital

The fires conceal the arrival of alien gods and their monsters. The minions are looking for Pazuzu. The living dead alien gods need the demon. The name of the morbid and broken Deus ex machina in this tale is Awarwan. He is a dead spider-like alien god.

Night Atop the Wall

The demon Pazuzu is rumored to know how life is conjured in the harsh reality of the Shur desert. The alien gods want this knowledge so that they can finish their chimeras and give them a proper existence in this new world that isn’t merely temporary. Until Pazuzu helps these supernatural invaders, their monsters are confined to the smoke and fires of an Armageddon. The incomplete creatures dissect the anatomy of human beings and collect body parts for their lordly masters.

Matthew Sawyer's Pazuzu Trilogy

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  2. Speaking in “Occupy” terms –

    The UnChosen represent the 47%
    The Chosen represent Republicans.
    The Church is the 1%

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