Fresh as a Bloomed Corpse Flower

April 28, 2012

Refreshed, actually – After creating the silhouettes representing the three books in my Pazuzu Trilogy, I decided I’d update the artwork displayed on the front pages of each ebook. I’ve also updated the art on the printed Trade paperbacks available through Createspace, but the books I have for sale at Lulu retain on their covers the original surreal landscapes. I might update those, too, but I thought I’d give readers this summer to hopefully purchase “Collectible Editions.” Between the covers, the story is the same and is currently the Eighth Revision – as marked on the front pages of the books.

For your morbid enjoyment, I present the latest Pazuzu Trilogy book trailer…

Prints of the artwork are available from my online gallery at Deviantart- here. Now, that location is an adjacent room. The actual gallery dedicated to Pazuzu Trilogy artwork is here.

Matthew Sawyer's Pazuzu Trilogy

Purchase Pazuzu Trilogy Pocket books and Hardcovers at LULU.



  1. wicked intro

  2. you had me at corpse flower

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