Pamela Visits Old Khetam

November 10, 2013

This place was called the Promised Land by the extinct Chosen. There are only heathens who remain here in the Shur. And in this godless desert, the heathen religion is one step better than instant murder.

In truth, the dead faith is the only step and no different than the radical police-state once run by the Church of the Chosen, the Church and its military. Even so, there are monsters in this world – the deceased men and women of Khetam were not the only monsters.

There are alien gods, new gods. And these undead entities want to bring life to this waste. They want to resurrect their own worlds and consume all there remains of this planet. But death is not the end.

Pamela knows the path to damnation. The girl verily is an Angel of Death – a mournful being of apprehension and regret. For recompense to her friends and the people she loves, she will break apart the netherworld road.

Read Matthew Sawyer’s Gaunt Rainbow – http://pazuzu.yolasite.com/gauntrainbow


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