A Good Look At Him

July 14, 2014

I am aware readers are frustrated Pazuzu is not flying about terrifying people throughout the Pazuzu Trilogy. That’s not what the story is about. The trilogy follows the fiend from person to person until it settles on a body to possess. That comes halfway through Emergence. Readers who would rather visualize the demon in its monstrous shape would probably prefer Gaunt Rainbow, an addendum to the Pazuzu Trilogy.

It’s also about Identities, Yeah, the root of the Pazuzu tale is Pazuzu who assumes the shape of a boy and calls himself Davey, but there is is also Ben and the dead priest with the same name, There is Robber, who Ben was supposed to be before a visit to the center of the universe erased his mind. There is the anonymous Pontiff, the rotating priests. Readers jump around, sure, but these are all aspects of the demon, ripples of its manifestation. Emergence is when Pazuzu Emerges. And he is undone, forced to abey and reveal his true image.





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