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Our Partisan Oligarchs

October 2, 2018

“So, the GOP is fine with prostitution, infidelity, sexual assault, sexual harassment, pedophiles, racists, misogyny, etc, but a fellatio is still an impeachable offense? Is that, like too close to an homosexual act?”

“Eh, no, nobody can lie to Congress.”

“But President Trump and his nominees lie to Congress all the time.”

“You can’t lie and be a Democrat. Elections have consequences.”



Oh Those Things The President Asks Kellyanne to Say

September 30, 2018

I imagine, Trump said to Kellyanne, “We need sympathy on our side, Kellyanne. That’s your job. Tell the fake news you were sexually assaulted.”

Kellyanne would start to say, “But I wasn’t…”

“Alternative fact,” Trump reminds her. “You like doing that sort of thing. You’re good at it.”

“But, who did it?” She protests. “I mean, I don’t have any proof.”

Angry, Trump shouts, “You have as much proof as that b**** who won’t let go of my boy’s ass. Just tell the media and drop it. What are they going to do? Doubt you? Say you’re lying? I don’t think so, you’re a girl.”

“Good idea, Mr. President,” Kellyanne stammers, “You have a large brain.”


Rated for 18+ in Russia

September 20, 2018

This hurricane season, spend the day playing the president’s favorite video game…




Morning Today

September 17, 2018

It’s six AM, the sun has not yet crested Mt Gleason, and Sunland is still in shadow. A gray sedan, possibly a Honda in this light, turns into the parking lot the same time a beeping garbage trucks backs up, into the lot of an adjacent nursing home.

That sedan stops in front of my apartment and some guy steps out. He carries a limp garbage bag. Something of some heft possesses the package with gravity. The contents in the transparent bag are as blurred by shadow as the face the dark-haired stranger.

That bag goes dropped like a pendulum loosed from its pivot in front a new neighbor’s SUV. I don’t know these neighbors nor the man with the gray sedan. I have merely spied all of them at given opportunities. He then spotted me as I seldom disguise myself.

The man returns to the front of the neighbor’s vehicle and retrieves his litter. I assume litter because there exists a low brick wall between my apartment building and the parking lot. Even in dawn, the plastic bag remains concealed. Then all vanishes moments before daylight when the gray sedan goes driven away.


Midterms 2018

August 6, 2018



Loyalty to Party – Loyalty to Motherland

July 20, 2018



More of the Mortui Philosophies

June 18, 2018


 Mortui Philosophies

“The spawned element,
Rudra*,  consumed
The Living Darkness”

“Rudra uncovered the Light
Rudra gave the Darkness
To his Mother and Father
This was a gift.”

“These elements consumed
All the Darkness.
And gave birth to life.”

“The Elements gave
Life to us.”

“Then the Darkness was gone.
And our Mother and Father
Consumed their children.”

“The elements then birthed

The Mortui Philosophies
The sketchbooks of the author
Matthew Sawyer

(BTW- that is Rudra’s brother, Awaran, who is speaking)

Images and music composed by Matthew Sawyer
All rights reserved

The horrible fiction of Matthew Sawyer is available for purchase from

Ebooks available from


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