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A Consequence of Reflection

July 15, 2017

Who is more dangerous to you as an American citizen?

A president who lied to Congress about an extramarital affair.

– or –

A president who lies to America about colluding with an enemy state.


You Goddamn Goodreads Readers

August 10, 2013

What is about me you don’t like? Yeah, A vast majority of you never bother to even look at my author’s page so I’m talking to readers who have read me or those who have marked the stories as “Want to Read.” Is it that I’m an easy target – a self-published author with no professional publishing credentials. Does that give an impression it’s okay to mark my stories with one or two stars where a well-known professional author and his or her post production team will earn three or even four?

Of course, when prodded, readers reply to me with generic and completely unhelpful comments such as “You aren’t very good” and they’re even coarser and say “you suck.” I understand that, I do. I’m an intelligent chap. I see the spelling and grammar errors – the problems with tense and pacing. And I work to clean them up. I did not set out to disappoint readers. Then there are unforgiving critics who simply state “You had one chance. You blew it.” And I understand that, too.

What I need is an honest proofreader and a dedicated editor. Sure, there are expensive professional services for these labors. I tried that route when my Pazuzu Trilogy was only half-baked – Pazuzu Book One – but the result was pathetic. Disheartened and financially broke, I wound up finishing the trilogy all myself. And I took a radical approach that created disasters. It’s fine now, I pronounce once more. But who am I to trust – look for yourself 😉

My short stories are admittedly ragged. After a time I decided I wouldn’t edit them again. Instead, I put my time and energy into my unpublished novels and a daily struggle for survival. Although a paying fan base would help me to avoid starving to death and make me more flexible. And if I actually get suggestions and free time I may edit them yet again.

My self-published novels are different. I’ve tried hard to pretend I’m professional. And they look damn good. Hell, I constantly encounter errors in the work of established authors – people like Zane Grey, Cory Doctorow, Anne Rice… I certainly feel on par with their strokes.

Then there is the first book in my trilogy – Pazuzu Manifestation. A mister so-and-so gave the story two stars and said “tedious.” Everyone on Goodreads can go and read the comment for themselves. He’s not the only hater. At the same time, I’ve received praise – those quotes on the front page of the trilogy’s website are real and acquired from More recently, a reader even sent me a direct email and stated “Your trilogy is spectacular in that it keeps the reader guessing and wanting more…” (and she does mention my errors).

Pazuzu Manifestation is the first book I’ve ever written. It was actually called Pazuzu Book One. That version included the first ten chapters of Pazuzu Emergence. The story truly begins to roll in Emergence. Manifestation is a different animal. And like my shoddy short stories, the ebook is free because or for the fact.

Pazuzu Manifestation is packed with background information – a tactic authors are warned against. It’s about introductions and character development. Manifestation is why the world of the Shur is the way it is. Careful readers will witness each of the Ten commandments broken in that first book. And it is completely intentional when readers note “It’s not so different from the real world.” That’s the point. This is a godless world and this is what comes in His (or Her) stead.

Oh, the very latest revision of my Pazuzu Trilogy is called the Wasted Revision. And it’s the last. I’ve moved on to Wister Town novels told in the “real world.”

All the same, please read me and offer practical advice. I am getting better!

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