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Remember Independence Day!

July 4, 2018




February 23, 2018

So you know, political ads filled with Republican Evangelism with soon start to appear, so just remember what you are looking at… Exodus 33: 17-34



Reflection Upon 50

February 1, 2018

In an unguarded occasion, I reflect upon my selfish achievements at the age of 50

1. I am alive! Seriously, I tend to jump before I look only because I get bored.
2. I still have my hair, and that was an anxious fear.
3. I’m not fat! Sure, I’m twenty pounds overweight, but I’m so happy I can still feel firm abs under my skin. Some guys walk around their whole fat lives carrying extra weight like a tumorous dead baby.
4. I am in perfect health, tremendous, believe me – perfect BP, pulse, no diseases nor cancers, etc.
5. I’m not stuck in my hometown. Sure, I don’t go anywhere, but its not like there is nowhere to go.
6. I have a hybrid vehicle, but thanks to the oil industry, that’s as far into the future I’ll ever live.
7. YouTube – there have been so, so many musical artists, new and old, that I discovered through videos (I grew up on original MTV, so seeing the artist or some visual interpretation makes all the difference to me. It never matters how they look, only that I see them).
8. Marijuana – it’s not like alcohol, nor narcotics, but rather an anti-depressant without the suicidal-thoughts side affect.
9. Writing. It comes just as my near sight goes, but in my stories, I can finish the narratives I began with my paintings and drawings.
10. I live in the endless summer of Southern California. Climate change has raised the temperature, but I do like hot days (I don’t have the insulation for temperatures below freezing, never have. I suffered throughout winters in Wisconsin skeletally thin).

And there is grief

1. Jowls, yeah, I’ve always had a weak chin, but age has really shown how ruthless it can be.
2. Dead friends and family – time has healed nothing.
3. Faith in others, as much as I’ve disappointed everyone, you have all let me down. C’est la vie, believe in yourself.
4. No Apocalypse, no god, nor angels, nor tiny asexual faeries with strong heterosexual tendencies.
5. Arthritis in my fingers and knees – the constant swelling is probably because those joints are overworked, but they’re not getting better with rest, not anymore.
6. Art is dead, an illusion created by the wealthy before they began pouring their wealth into politics.
7. America is an oligarchy, justice is tentative.
8. Kids are dumber, but not because they lack broad spectrums of fact, but rather they don’t know HOW to think. There is something called the scientific method that, like it or not, was created by a man. Grow up (as in “Get more diverse, you bore me, kids”).
9. Social Justice Warriors, radical feminists, Republicans, Democrats…
10. The one-sided class war waged against the middle class by the 1% and the corporations of one overpaid employee.



The Sins of the One Outweigh the Faith of the Many

January 8, 2017

Many Americans ask what has become those rhetorical questions, “Why are Republicans pro-life? Why does the life a newborn take precedence over that of a mother? Why is abortion not an option even when the health and welfare of a child is questionable?”

We know that “pro-life” attitude only pertains up to the birth of a child. After then, they and their families are all on their own. But, why?

The answer is Biblical. It’s that commandment, “Thou shall not kill.” Breaking that commandment as well as any of the other nine sends someone’s soul the Hell.

But, surely, it would be the doctor who would pay that price, and maybe the mother, too. Let me borrow a tired euphemism of our new president and say, “Wrong!” Those Ten Commandments are in the Old Testament, written long before Jesus walked Creation in the flesh, before the promise of forgiveness through confession or grace through faith.

See, those commandments were then written by a wrathful god. That was when He (or to be fair, She) was still prone to flood the Earth.

Okay, God promised there would be no more floods. But, that one deluge was before Sodom and Gomorrah, so us mortals can’t be so trusting. Even then, He/She was still rash and not as omniscient as believers hope. God had to send an angel to investigate His/Her suspicion. And finding only one righteous soul in the city, He/She again brought destruction to the planet; a smaller devastation, to be sure, but still horrific.

So, despite a pretty rainbow and even Jesus, the distrustful faithful believe the wrath of God to this day is visited upon swaths of mortals for the sins of a few and even the one. That’s how paranoid those religious folks have become.

AIDS, 9-11, hurricanes, oil spills and droughts are modern evidence of situations in which God has lifted His/Her hand because He/She has become so disgusted with those made in His/Her image that only death quells His/Her rage. He/She used to get blood sacrifices but that was not always enough.

There is why women today are forced to give birth, why drug users are locked away instead of freed on their own recognizance, and homosexuality is disdained. It’s not just an individual’s soul that is seen at risk, rather the country itself. Because despite the love and patience of Jesus, our savior still has an angry dad/mom.

(Hell, inferring God may be a woman probably pisses Him off. Blame the opioid epidemic and shrinking middle class on that. And give Him the blood a goat, for Christ’s sake. Maybe that will help Him chill.)


Rooted Evil

August 20, 2016

It’s Not About Black Versus White
It’s Not About Democrats Versus Republicans
It’s Not About Men Versus Women
It’s Not About Old Versus Young
It’s Not About Me Versus You

It’s About Money
It’s About Money Spent On Power
It’s About Greed
It’s About Greed In Power

– Matthew Sawyer


An Educated Racist

August 20, 2016

I think everyone has heard this,
Everybody knows,
It’s okay to be stupid and afraid.
You have every blue-blooded human right.
But know what you fear.
Learn the reason why.
And you will stop being stupid
Then you won’t be afraid.

– Matthew Sawyer


Radical Feminism In the Era of a Hillary Clinton Presidency

July 30, 2016

(based upon real-life Facebook posts)

smokella the bear

Someone has said, “Some men will be sexist because of last night’s news.”

So one assumes, “Oh, that news must be when Hillary Clinton accepted the Democratic nomination for president. That appears to be in the National conscious today. Well, I’m not happy about it but I hope my expressed view won’t be misconstrued.”

Then that friend sounds upset and demands to know, “When did I say I support Hillary Clinton. Why did you turn this into a political post? Stop putting words in my mouth.”

So one says, “I wasn’t talking about you. That news was about the presidential election, right?”

And that friend replies, “You’re making a strawman argument. As a matter of fact, I do support Hillary Clinton for president.”

“Good for you,” one says. “I’ll still vote for her but I won’t be happy.”


 = Matthew Sawyer

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