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The Context of Guilt

November 2, 2017

It occurs to me, much of the guilt I feel is taken out of context. So, I put myself back into those situations.

I ask myself, ‘Could I have done something differently? Could I have been better prepared for that situation?’

‘Would the outcome have been any better?’

‘Hey, would I have even been in that situation if I was better prepared?’

‘Probably’, I tell myself. Then I think, ‘Could things have been much worst?’

‘Possibly’, I answer.


– Matthew Sawyer


The Heartbeats of America Are Yet Votes

August 31, 2016

Citizens growl, “Make America great again.”
I stand firm and claim, “America is great.”
Answering those who shout, “What makes America great,”
I ask “What is America?”
“What had a Founding Father to say?”
“What is this great country we have today?”
“A Republic, if you can keep it,”
Benjamin Franklin stated then,
At the dawn of a nation
And ever near an end.

– Matthew Sawyer


Rights and Privileges

August 22, 2016

Black, white, green apples and red licorice,
We all have rights.
Only wealth buys privilege.
Well, that and sex.
So if some guy or gal gets more than you,
He or she suffers less than you,
And he and she truly offers no more worth than yourself,
You are denied rights and not so poor to be restricted privilege.
Rights are not minted and cannot be locked in vaults.
Rights are all with which everyone is born.
And all that is worth to be taken away.

 – Matthew Sawyer


An Educated Racist

August 20, 2016

I think everyone has heard this,
Everybody knows,
It’s okay to be stupid and afraid.
You have every blue-blooded human right.
But know what you fear.
Learn the reason why.
And you will stop being stupid
Then you won’t be afraid.

– Matthew Sawyer


Positive Reinforcement

March 2, 2015

Positive Reinforcement
Mr. Binger

“Be a good boy,” his mother told him. “Eat all your food.”

“I’m a good boy,” he says and he eats.

“I’m a good boy,” he says and he eats some more.

“I’m a good boy,” he says then he pats his big belly

And he feel sick to his tummy.

He feels sick in his head.

He waves his arms and he cries,

“I’m sick of being a good boy.”

Then he kills a cat.

“On accident,” he claims.

People give him sympathy.

Then he is given more to eat.


Quote the Wolf

October 27, 2014

“Lil’ red

lost her head.

So I

told the girl,

‘Your hood

is no good


And I

took it.”

– Mr. Binger


Why You Must Say Must

November 23, 2013

Quit saying “You Have To.”

No one “Has To.”

The verb implies choice.

And a choice between a person’s free will

And something he or she has to do

Is always

Forfeit because personal bias.

You must say must because it sounds strong.

Must means immediacy.

Even if whoever receives this command

Can’t understand its meaning,

The word straightens your back.

It inflates your chest.

Then you say “You must do this”


– Matthew Sawyer



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